How you can help

Your contribution will help us to offer more Free Spay/Neuter Events and Shot Clinics.

We appreciate any and all amounts you can spare. Until we can offer online payments please drop your contribution off at the clinic or mail it to:

Dr. Edwardo Tesecum
Paw’s Veterinary Clinic

1 Joseph Andrews Drive
San Ignacio, Cayo
Central America

P1020303 (Copy)If you live in the area and know a stray dog/cat you may wish to pay for sterilizing that animal.

Likewise if your neighbor has a dog/cat that produces litter after litter of unwanted young, you may want to offer to have the mother spayed. Or talk to the owners of male dogs about the benefits of having them neutered: instead of roaming the neighborhood in search of female dogs in heat, the male dog will stay more at the house and do what he is supposed to do, watch the house.